Power & Gardening Tool

 TypePack Figuration Cell  Fuel Gauge
 Power tool 5S1P Cylindrical Highrate discharge 500 cycle

ETICA batteries are high-quality batteries designed specifically for Power tool and Gardening machinery, featuring calcium-calcium technology for a low discharge rate and reduced risk of grid corrosion, which means longer life. We have a range of power tool batteries and gardening batteries.
ETICA battery again comes with leading battery technology and the company highlights the cell balancing that goes  its units. This involves carefully ing equally matched cells, resulting in proportionate charging and discharging cycles which prolong battery life.
ETICA Power Tool batteries have a robust construction, having been tested to withstand being dropped from 3 metres. Inside, each battery comes with Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) which protects the battery against total discharge, overloading and overheating.