Originally stablished in the early 2000’s, ETICA’s plant has undergone significant modifications and upgrades over time to increase its production capacity to meet the needs of the ascending global battery market.


In 2018, to reinforce ETICA’s commitment to providing world-class manufacturing to support our long-term strategic partners and their rising demand; we have invested aggressively in increasing our productivity and expanding our product portfolio to meet our client’s expectations. More than millions was invested  the expansion program of our plant to more than 3000 square meters and modernized all the industrial equipment, taking the company to an even higher level of competency.

The whole new production line is consisted of three non-stop Mass Production line and one manual module dedicated exclusively to samples assembly; in which enables a more transparent, versatile, and flexible manufacturing process.


The constant improvement allowed ETICA to focus more on the development of new products according to our clientele’s needs, widening our portfolio from Rugged Handhelds to Multi-cell battery packs, LEV’s Battery, Battery Backup Units and up to Data Center Module System.

The inauguration of the new plant marks a historic milestone in the company's development and growth strategy for extending our service to a worldwide level, a challenge in which ETICA is now prepared to take on.